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The Asset Management (ASM) department at Schiphol manages the chain at Schiphol. They look at user needs, the desired quality-outcomes and associated risks involved with all process-related assets and services. Their central focus is the customer and end-results, which enable the ASM team to contribute to Schiphol’s overarching business objectives.

Our Departments

  • Strategy and Business Control
    We support, optimise and monitor the rate and realisation of ASM’s goals, which includes offering our knowledge and expertise.
  • Safety and Compliance
    We ensure that all assets can demonstrably comply with relevant laws and regulations. Safety and Compliance create the conditions that ensure our airport assets are both safe and used safely.
  • Digital, Data and Analytics
    We ensure that crucial data and information about our assets is available, both to enable us to offer the best service, and for developing new, predictive and innovative solutions.
  • Development
    We are the directors, experts and drivers of asset development and the renewal of a future-proof and sustainable Schiphol.
  • Asset Continuity
    We are responsible for Schiphol’s agreement compliance with asset users about assets and service performance standards. In that way, we ensure that assets at Schiphol serve as much as possible.