Your next career hub

If you feel you are the right person to make a valuable contribution to Schiphol’s mission and ambitions, please check the vacancy section – and see if our Asset Management department is the next hub in your career.

Our Departments

  • Strategy Office
    We ensure that the Asset Management team achieves its strategic goals effectively and efficiently.
  • Development
    We ensure that Schiphol creates maximum value from new construction, renovation and major maintenance projects.
  • Planning and Portfolio management
    We help colleagues to work out possible solutions for performance questions or changes in assets.
  • Technical Expert Centre
    We perform technical management of the assets and advise all ASM departments and customers.
  • Maintenance and Operations
    We maintain and manage a large part of the assets at Schiphol, along with a number of contractors.
  • Fire Safety Office
    We are responsible for a terminal that’s safe from fires and fire hazards, and are the first port of call for fire and fire safety questions.