Your next career hub

If you feel you are the right person to make a valuable contribution to Schiphol’s mission and ambitions, please check the vacancy section – and see if our Corporate Procurement department is the next hub in your career.

Our departments

  • Cost Expertise Centre
    We determine the budget for projects, as well as make and test out cost estimates and offers.
  • Construction and Infrastructure – purchasing segment
    We do the tenders for all construction projects and civil works within Schiphol.
  • Marketing and Communication – purchasing segment
    We pitch services for marketing, media, digital, communication and design within Schiphol.
  • ICT, Luggage and Systems – purchasing segment
    We do the tenders for all ICT-related hardware and software within Schiphol.
  • Security, Facilities, Personnel hiring & Advisory services – purchasing segment
    We carry out all tenders for security, cleaning, housing and personnel within Schiphol.
  • Procurement Office
    We support the purchasing process with all the associated administrative activities.
  • Contract management optimisation
    We improve and streamline the contract management for purchasing contracts for Schiphol.