Why this “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement?

Through this “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement, Royal Schiphol Group (“Schiphol”) wants to be transparent about how Schiphol, as a Controller, handles your personal data that Schiphol processes about you via the website https://www.werkenbijschiphol.nl. This “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement provides information about your personal data that is processed when you submit data via this website within the framework of applying for a vacancy or an internship at Schiphol. In addition, you can upload your CV and motivation letter. The general privacy statement of Schiphol (available at https://www.schiphol.nl/nl/privacy-policy/) does not apply to this specific Schiphol website.

Which data is processed and why

If you, as a visitor, submit your data to our website https://werkenbijschiphol.nl (“Working at Schiphol”), you do so because you want to apply for a vacancy or internship at Schiphol. You can do this by completing an online form asking you for the following information in order to process your application or internship: first name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, level of education, availability, CV and motivation. You can upload your CV and motivation letter straight away. If you want to receive job alerts for vacancies in your areas of interest, we will save your e-mail address and any search criteria. In order to set up a job alert, we process the following data: e-mail address, your search criteria and the selected frequency for receiving job alerts.

Based on the information provided by you, Schiphol can assess whether you qualify for the next step in the application procedure. Schiphol uses applicants’ personal data for recruitment and selection purposes only. Except in those instances in which the law stipulates otherwise, Schiphol will not disclose this information to other persons or bodies outside Schiphol without the applicant’s consent.

Minimum age of 16

You are permitted to submit your data via the Working at Schiphol website from the age of 16. If you are under 16, we ask you to only use the Working at Schiphol website if your parents or guardians enter and submit your data on your behalf.

How long is your personal data stored for?

The data will be stored by Schiphol for as long as legally permitted (data is taken to mean the data you entered via the online form on the Working at Schiphol website, as well as the CV and motivation letter you may have uploaded).
Schiphol will delete your data one month after closing the application procedure. If you have given your consent (by clicking the dedicated button on the Working at Schiphol website during the registration process), we will retain your data until one year after the application procedure has ended. We will delete your data thereafter.

The Working at Schiphol website

The “Working at Schiphol” website keeps a record of general visitor data, such as the most requested pages or vacancies, without identifying visitors. The purpose of this is to adapt the website to the needs of the visitors as much as possible. We can also use this data to show more targeted information on the site. This way, Schiphol can further optimise its services to you via the website. Schiphol also uses cookies (more about cookies later). Schiphol’s web server automatically collects so-called IP addresses. Your IP address is a number that allows computers on the network to identify your computer, so that data (such as internet pages) can be sent to your computer. We use IP addresses to manage the website and make it as relevant as possible.

Recipients of your data

The following persons and/or bodies can process and receive your personal data within the “Working at Schiphol” framework:
a) those within Schiphol who are involved in the recruitment and selection of new employees and interns. In addition to HR staff, this includes employees directly involved in specific applications and internships;
b) Processors and sub-processors engaged by Schiphol to perform certain tasks regarding the processing of your personal data;
c) government bodies, such as the police and judiciary, insofar as this is necessary to comply with legal obligations.

Third-party services – social media

The services of Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp are used in order to actively communicate via existing social media platforms. We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • In order to register users and send messages, (account) data is only processed via the services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The (account) data is not stored or processed further by Schiphol.
  • If you, as a visitor, choose to respond (apply) via a LinkedIn account, your data will be retrieved and processed in the application form via LinkedIn.


When visiting the “Working at Schiphol” website, cookies are created and consulted by our systems and those of third parties. A cookie is a compact piece of information that is stored on your computer. Schiphol uses a number of cookies, each with different properties.

Types of cookies at werkenbijschiphol.nl

  1. Functional cookies promote the ease of use of the website. For example, preferences are stored and you do not have to log in each time you visit. We use functional cookies.
  2. Monitoring or analytical cookies can anonymously map out visitor and search behaviour and adjust our services accordingly. This allows us to provide you, as a (prospective) visitor, with an even better service. We use monitoring cookies from Google Analytics and Digital Analytics.
    As part of the Google Analytics service, the US company Google stores a cookie via our site. Google will only share the information it has obtained with third parties who process the data on behalf of the company, or when Google is legally obliged to do so. This is beyond our control. The information collected by Google is mainly anonymised. For example, only part of your IP address is included. The data is stored on Google’s servers in the United States.
    When using Google Analytics cookies, we follow the recommendations of the Dutch Data Protection Authority:

    • We have signed a processor’s agreement with Google Inc. stating that Google must handle the cookie information with due care;
    • Within the framework of data minimisation, we have opted to encode the last eight digits of IP addresses;
    • The ‘Data sharing’ function is turned off, again within the framework of data minimisation;
    • We do not use any other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies;
    • We do not store or use personal information;
    • We never share information from Google Analytics cookies with third parties (except with sub-processors).
  3. Marketing or interest cookies store your interests so that you can receive messages on and off our website that are in line with your interests following your visit to the Working at Schiphol website.
  4. Social Media Cookies can collect data about the activities of users. This makes it possible to view fragments of social platforms, share content from our website with your friends and respond to messages from other users, among other things. Some social media cookies that are placed can be used by social media networks to use your internet behaviour for commercial purposes. This is beyond the control of Schiphol.
    For more information about how these third parties deal with your personal data, we refer you to the privacy policy of these third parties. The most common ones include:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/
    • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/10502/uw-account-en-privacyinstellingen-beheren-overzicht?lang=nl.
    • Google+ / YouTube: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=nl

Here you will find an overview of the cookies (per category) that are used via this website.

Can you refuse or delete cookies?

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can also set your browser to refuse cookies by default or delete cookies manually via the browser settings. When you disable cookies, the Working at Schiphol website may be less user-friendly. Want to disable cookies? For example, go to the website https://www.browserchecker.nl, where you can easily remove cookies for various web browsers (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome). Alternatively, consult the manual of the various web browsers on their settings page.

If you do not want advertisers to analyse your online behaviour, you can state your preference on the website of Your Online Choices.

Protecting and storing your data

Schiphol is committed to protecting your personal data against loss and unlawful use. All employees of Schiphol who, within the framework of their duties, have access to personal data are obliged to observe confidentiality. The same applies to employees involved in Working at Schiphol. Your data will only be provided to parties outside Schiphol if this is necessary within the framework of the Working at Schiphol service. Schiphol has entered into a so-called processor’s agreement with parties with whom Schiphol collaborates and which provide (part of) certain services, obliging these parties to also protect the personal data and observe the GDPR regulations to the best of their ability. If a data breach occurs despite the stated measures, we will, of course, act in accordance with the rules and regulations. If you believe that there has been a data breach or if you suspect that this is the case, we ask you to report this at dpo@schiphol.nl as soon as possible.

What rights can you exercise with regard to your personal data?

If you want to know what data of yours Schiphol has processed and for what purposes, or if you want to change your personal data or have it deleted, you can request access to your personal data or request to have it changed or deleted. You also have the option to object to the processing of your personal data. You can do this by sending an e-mail to privacy@schiphol.nl or to dpo@schiphol.nl. If you wish to submit a complaint about how Schiphol handles your personal data or about how Schiphol has dealt with a request from you, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (https://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl).

Forwarding of personal data to countries outside the EU

In principle, Schiphol aims to process personal data (or have it processed) in countries within the EU. In cases where data is processed outside the EU, Schiphol ensures all legal requirements are met, for example by using the EU model contract conditions.

Other questions & contact

For more information about the “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement and/or the general privacy policy of Schiphol, reference is made to https://www.schiphol.nl/nl/privacy-policy/. Alternatively, you can contact the privacy team of Schiphol at privacy@schiphol.nl and dpo@schiphol.nl.


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Schiphol reserves the right to change this “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement as and when needed. This can be the result of changes in its policy, changes in its data processing or changes in the systems that Schiphol uses to process data, which is a continuous process. The most recent version of the “Working at Schiphol” Privacy Statement is available on our website at all times and we recommend you check for changes on regular basis.

This privacy statement was drawn up on 11 December 2018.